Project Brief

To pilot a process of creative community involvement on Wybourn and Richmond Park Estates. Working together with residents and stakeholders we aim to achieve a coherent, over arching long term vision for both sites with a series of more detailed visions for communal open spaces and infrastructure.

During the first stage of our 6 week project our objectives are to learn and develop trusted relationships within the two communities and stakeholders.

Reacting from work carried out by Encounters, we will plan a continued process of creative community involvement and design participation, which in the short term will involve innovative engagement with key demographics with assistance from relevant organisations.

This will allow us to develop architectural prototypes and methods which will then be implemented into a long term vision, focussed on renewing identity and placemaking.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

What's your Wybourn way?

Week 1

The beginnings of this Live Project I guess was like most, following the initial group bonding we start by meeting the Client. We were informed our Clients would be Encounters, Sheffield based interdisciplinary artists, and Parkway,newly appointed Social Landlords of the Wybourn Estate and Richmond Park.

So, where better to meet than the Show House in Wybourn.

A quick creative participation exercise later and we are up to speed with Phase 1 and briefing of our contribution to phase 2. After spending some time walking around the site we then met some of the team we would be working with from Parkway. So far, so good, we were off to a positive start to the Live Project...
Do you want to know more about Encounters
and Whats your Wybourn Way?

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